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  French soft cheese made from cows’ milk, originating from Auge in Normandy. Covered with a white mould (Penicillium candidum or P. camembertii) which participates in the ripening process.

Composition/100 g: water 51.8 g, 1256 kJ (300 kcal), protein 19.8 g, fat 24.3 g (of which 67% saturated,30% mono-unsaturated, 3% polyunsaturated), cholesterol 72mg, carbohydrate 0.5 g (0.5 g sugars), ash 3.7 g, Ca 388mg, Fe 0.3mg, Mg 20mg, P 347mg, K 187mg, Na 842mg, Zn 2.4mg, Se 14.5μg, I 16μg, vitamin A 241μg RE (240μg retinol,12μg carotenoids),E 0.2mg,K 2mg,B1 0.03mg, B2 0.49mg, niacin 0.6mg, B6 0.23mg, folate 62μg, B12 1.3μg, pantothenate 1.4mg.A 40 g serving is a source of Ca,P, vitamin A, B2, folate, a rich source of vitamin B12.