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 The oldest processed food known, originally from the Middle East. Wheat is soaked, cooked and dried, then lightly milled to remove the outer bran and cracked. It is eaten in soups and cooked with meat (when it is known as kibbe). Also called ala, burghul, cracked wheat and American rice.

Composition/100 g: water 9 g, 1432 kJ (342 kcal), protein 12.3 g, fat 1.3 g (of which 22% saturated, 22% mono-unsaturated, 56% polyunsaturated), carbohydrate 75.9 g (0.4 g sugars), fibre 18.3 g, ash 1.5 g, Ca 35mg, Fe 2.5mg, Mg 164mg, P 300mg, K 410mg, Na 17mg, Zn 1.9mg, Cu 0.3mg, Mn 3mg, Se 2.3μg, 225μg carotenoids, vitamin E 0.1mg, K 1.9mg, B1 0.23mg, B2 0.12mg, niacin 5.1mg, B6 0.34mg, folate 27μg, pantothenate 1mg. A 30g serving is a source of Mg, P, a rich source of Mn.