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1.0 Preparation of Sample
2.0 Determination of Extraneous Matter and other Refractions
3.0 Determination of Moisture
4.0 Determination of Total Ash
5.0 Determination of Ash Insoluble in dil HCl
6.0 Determination of Cold Water Extract
7.0 Determination of Alcohol Soluble Extract
8.0 Determination of Calcium Oxide
9.0 Determination of Non Volatile Ether Extract
10.0 Determination of Volatile Oil
11.0 Determination of Crude Fibre
12.0 Determination of Allyl isothiocyanate in Mustard
12A.0 Determintion of p hydroxybenzyl isothiocyanate in S . alba
13.0 Black Pepper
14.0 Saffron
15.0 Turmeric Whole
16.0 Asafoetida
17.0 Microscopic Examination of Spices
18.0 Detection of Argemone seeds in Mustard
19.0 Detection of Mineral Oil in Black Pepper
20.0 Detection of Papaya seeds in Black Pepper
21.0 Detection of Turmeric in Chillies and Coriander
22.0 Detection of Oil Soluble Colour

23.0 Determination of Light and Heavy Filth in spices and Condiments