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Principles of Food Analysis
Quality Control in Food Industry  
Food Sampling and Data Analysis
Food Protein Analysis

Analysis of Lipid Concentration in Food
Determination of Ash and Minerals
Analysis of Moisture and Total Solids in Food Products
Instrumental Techniques for Food Analysis
Evaluation of Milk Quality

Evaluation of Milk Quality

  MILK TESTING AND QUALITY CONTROl, Milk Sampling, Sample Preservation, Chemical Tests, Labelling and Records Keeping, Common Testing of Milk, Organoleptic Tests, Clot on Boiling (C.O.B) Test, Alcohol Test, Alcohol-Alizarin Test, Acidity Test, Resazurin test, Gerber Butterfat test, Treatment of samples, Curdy tests, Charred tests, Lactometer Test, Freezing Point Determination, Inhibitor Test, QUALITY CONTROL OF PASTEURISED MILK, PRODUCTION OF QUALITY MILK, Milk Composition and Nutritional Value, Flavour and Odour Characteristics, Process of Delivering Milk, Bacteria in Milk, Role of Somatic Cells in Milk, Antibiotic Residues in Milk, Dairy Cooperatives, DIFFERENT ANIMAL MILK DETECTION IN DAIRY PRODUCTS, Detection of Adulteration, Analysis of Milk Prtlteins and their Genetic Variants, Electro-migration Methods, Electrophoresis, Isoelectric Focusing (IEF), Capillary Electrophoresis (CE)