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  Milk is a biological secretion of mammary gland given by natural with nutrients to full fill in nutritional needs of the offspring. Milk is closely associated with reproduction among mammals milk contain all chemical essential for growth in the form of 6 major nutrients such as water, fat, proteins, lactose(milk sugar), minerals and vitamins.

  According to the PFA rule milk is normal mammalian secretions derived from the complete milking of health milch animal with out either addition or extraction there from. It shall be free from colostrums. It shall conform to both the parameters for milk fat and milk solid non fat milk shall include cow, buffalo, sheep or goat or mixture.

Composition of milk
Physical properties of milk
Quality control parameter
and Quality control

Preparation of Reagents

1.Liquid Milk

Preparation of Sample of Milk
1.2.Detection of Adulterants in Milk
Cane sugar
Quantitative determination of sugar
Quantitative determination of starch
Added Urea
Quantitative determination of urea
Ammonium Sulphate
Sodium Chloride
Foreign Fat
Hypochlorites and Chloramines
Quarterly Ammonium Compounds
Detergent containing Alkyl benzene sulphonic acid
Skimmed Milk Powder
1.3 - Detection of Preservatives
Hydrogen Peroxide
Boric acid and Borates
Salicylic acid
1.4 - Phosphate Test for Pasteurisation in milk
1.5 - Turbidity Test for Sterilised milk
1.6 - Determination of Total Solids
1.7 - Determination of Fat

2.0 - Cream including Sterilised Cream, Whipped Cream and Malai
Determination of Fat
Thickeners in Cream
Cream Powder
3.0 - Curd
Determination of FatDet
ermination of Total Solids
4.0- Channa or Paneer
5.0 - Cheese (All Varieties)
6.0 - Ice Cream, Kulfi and Chocolate Ice Cream
7.0 - Dried Ice Cream Mix, Dried Frozen Dessert
8.0 - Condensed / Evaporated (Sweetened, unsweetened
and Skimmed) Milk
- Milk Powder ( Whole, Skimmed, Partially Skimmed) Infant Milk Food, Milk Cereal Weaning Food etc
10.0 - Khoa
11.0 - Table ( Creamery ) and Deshi Butter
12.0 - Ghee /Butter Fat
13.0 - Chakka and Shrikhand
14.0- Yoghurt
15.0 - Whey Powder
16.0 - Edible casein products
17.0 - Determination of Lactose by Colorimetric method in Milk based Sweets