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Aluminum foil
Plastic wrap
Corrugated fiberboard  
Polypropylene (PP)
Polyvinylidene chloride

Moisture vapour transmission rate  
Packaging developments
Packaging design and development  
Food biodeterioration
Food preservation methods
Factors affecting packaged product quality and shelf life
packaging for food marketing systems
Functions of  packaging
Packaging issues
Distribution performance testing
Packaging materials
Metal Cans
Packaging of food in glass containers
Plastics in food packaging
Coating of plastic films  
Lamination of plastic Film
Printing and labelling of plastic
Food contact and barrier properties of plastic
Sealability and closure
Retort pouch
Environmental and waste management issues of plastic
Active packaging
Paper and paper board packaging
Paper and paperboard manufacture
Packaging papers and paperboards
Properties and Designing of paper and paperboard
Types of paper and paper board package Modified atmosphere packaging
Gaseous environment in MAP
Packaging materials used In MAP

Modified atmosphere packaging machines
Quality assurance of MAP

Metal cans

Overview of market for metal cans, Containerperformance, requirements, Container designs, Raw materials for can-making, Steel, Aluminium, Recycling of packaging metal, Can-making processes, Three-piece welded cans, Two-piece single drawn and multiple drawn (DRD) cans, Two-piece drawn and wall ironed (DWI) cans, End-making processes, Plain food can ends and shells for food/drink easy-open ends, Conversion of end shells into easy-open ends, Coatings, film laminates and inks, Processing of food and drinks in metal packages, Can reception at the packer, Filling and exhausting, Seaming,  Heat processing, Post-process can cooling, drying and labelling , Container handling, Storage and distribution, Shelf life of canned foods, Interactions  between the can and its contents, The role of tin, The dissolution of tin from the can surface, Tin toxicity, Iron, Lead, Aluminium, Lacquers, Internal corrosion, Stress corrosion cracking, Environmental stress cracking corrosion of aluminium alloy beverage can ends, Sulphur staining, External corrosion