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Food irradiation

High hydrostatic pressure

Microwave heating

Pulsed electric field




Quality Management in Fish Processing

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Fruit and juice processing

Carbohydrate and intense sweeteners Used In soft driks

Ingredients used in soft drinks

Non-carbonated beverages

Processing and packaging of Soft drinks



Filtration is the removal of insoluble solids from a suspension by passing it through a porous material. The resulting liquor is termed the ‘filtrate’ and the separated solids are the ‘filter cake’. Filtration is used to clarify liquids by the removal of small amounts of solid particles (for example from wine, beer,oils and syrups).


Gravity filtration is slow and finds little application in the food industry. Filtration equipment operates either by the application of pressure to the feed side of the filter bed or by the application of a partial vacuum to the opposite side of the filter bed.

Pressure filters
Vacuum filters