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Food irradiation

High hydrostatic pressure

Microwave heating

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Quality Management in Fish Processing

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Fruit and juice processing

Carbohydrate and intense sweeteners Used In soft driks

Ingredients used in soft drinks

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Processing and packaging of Soft drinks


Fruit and juice processing

Fruit types, Botanical aspects,classification of fruit types, The basics of plant reproduction and fruit formation, Respiration, climacteric, Harvesting considerations for berry, citrus, pome, stone and exotic fruits, Fruit types for processing, Pome fruits , Citrus fruits, Orange, Lemon (C limon), Grapefruit (C paradisi), Lime (C aurantifolia), General comments on fruit juice processing, Processing of ‘fleshy’ fruits, Pack press, The horizontal rotary press, The use of centrifuges in processing, The use of enzymes in fruit juice processing, Extraction of citrus juices, The Fruit Machinery Corporation extractor, Juice processing following extraction, ‘cleaning’ and clarification, Juice concentration by evaporation, Freeze-concentration, Hyper- and ultrafiltration, Volatile components, Spinning cone column, Fruit juice volatiles composition, Legislative concerns, European fruit juice and nectars directive, AIJN guidelines, Labelling regulations and authenticity, Quality issues, Absolute requirements, Soluble solids, Titratable acidity