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IS/ISO 22000:2005

Safety and Hygiene





Prerequisite programs (PRPs)

Hazard Identification


Food Safety Risk Analysis

Prerequisite programs (PRPs)

  • Basic conditions and activities that are necessary to maintain a hygienic environment throughout the food chain suitable for the production, handling and provision of safe end products
  • PRPsneeded depend on the segment of the food chain in which the organization operates and the type of organization
  • e.g. of equivalent terms: Good Agri. Practices (GAP), Good Vet. Practices (GVP), Good Manufact. Practices (GMP), Good Hygienic Practices (GHP), Good Prod. Practices (GPP), Good Distr. Practices (GDP), Good Trading Practices (GTP)

E.g. of PRPs

    • Plan & set up suitable workspaces, emp.facilities
    • Provide the workspace with necessary air,water energy and other utilities
    • Ensure the waste and sewage disposa
    • Measure for the prevention of cross-contamination
    • Cleaning and sanitizing
    • Pest control
    • Personal hygiene etc

    Important !!!!
     Records of verifications & modifications shall be maintained Documents should specify,  how activities included in the PRPs are managed.

    Operational PRPs: PRP identified by the hazard analysis as essential in order to control the likelihood of introducing food safety hazards and/or the contamination or proliferation of food safety hazards in the products or in the processing environment.

    Critical control point: step at which control can be applied and is essential to prevent or eliminate a food safety hazard or reduce it to an acceptable level

    Establishing operational PRPs

     O-PRPS shall be documented, shall include:-
    Food safety hazards to be controlled
     Control measures
      Monitoring procedures
      Corrections and corrective actions
      Responsibilities and authorities