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  Food scientists jobs are mainly in food processing industry.  Most food scientists work in the research and development departments of food processing companies. Some work in processing plants as quality control inspectors or production supervisors. Some teach in colleges or work for the government as food graders and inspectors. Others work in sales or advertising.

Food scientists who work in research and development study the chemical changes that take place in stored or processed foods.Food scientists try to find ways to process food so that fewer nutrients are lost. They study the effects of food additives. They are also concerned with producing enough food to feed the growing world population.Although food scientists are mainly concerned with nutrition, they also pay attention to the flavor, appearance, and texture of processed foods.

  Many food scientists work in quality control in food processing plants. They inspect raw ingredients to make sure they are fresh. They also see that the processing operation is carried out in accordance with government regulations. Other food scientists in processing plants make up production schedules, supervise processing, and develop sanitation methods. There are many vacancies in this field,and register for jobs.